Dane Wigington alerts listeners about the geoengineering of our weather

Dane Wigington, a featured speaker at the Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails Conference, shares his views about meteorological manipulation and geoengineering.

GeoEngineering Watch
Dane Wigington’s website

Dane Wigington began researching radical atmospheric changes in the latter part of the 1990′s. After moving to Shasta County in 2001 and building one of the largest off-grid solar homes in Northern California, he took notice of the aircraft trails and grid patterns that were blocking as much as 80% of his home’s solar charging capacity. Subsequent research lead him straight to the subjects of stratospheric aerosol geoengineering and solar radiation management.

Conducting extensive lab tests of rain samples, he was shocked by the skyrocketing toxicity of the once pristine rainwater that he attributed to ever-increasing quantities of heavy metals (most notably: barium, aluminum, and strontium) called for in geoengineering patents.


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  1. The Most Important Topic For 2013
    YouTube by UniBrowStudioVision
    Published on Feb 5, 2013

    Film Presented by John Massaria. The audio is part of a teleconference call between Russ Tanner (Global Skywatch) and Dane Wigington (WIWATS/Activist).

    Scientific Research explaining why they are spraying the sky’s around the world. Learn and more importantly do something about the Chemtrails being sprayed.

    Uploaded Aug. 27, 2013
    Five minute film documentary about geoengineering that includes selected excerpts from last Sunday’s (Aug. 25) demonstration that took place along Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.


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