Learn how to deal with an abusive relationship from Mariah Clausen

Rebecca Potter shares personal accounts about sociopaths and the corrupt family court system with Mariah Clausen, author of Spellbreaker: Transcending Violence.

Mariah Clausen, which is her pen name, is a grandmother and Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in Minnesota who assists children and their families with mental health, holistic healthcare, and trauma recovery.

Amy J. L. Baker, Ph.D, Researcher, author and expert in the field of Parental Alienation Syndrome (topic discussed on today’s broadcast).

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  1. Broken Wingz

    there is so much pay to play and cronysim and corruption in the family courts across the nation.. the lives of women and children are clearly not protected and it is truly a kafkaesque nightmare in those halls of injustice….there is collusion between all of the players and decisions are made in some out of the way restaurant and or golf outting….it is difficult to trust those lawyers hired to protect…and serve…many are liar /lawyers who only replenish their pockets and those with the most money wins…the truth is never a factor…who is judging them…?the so called programs to over see thier ethics do absolutely nothing….since they all protect eachother and there could never be any justice…..who is watching the judges….? There are protected as well…..There is so much legal abuse… and women suffer at the hands of these players..and continue to suffer from the legal abuse as a continuation of the pay to play,cronyism and corruption….. women become physically ill as they struggle to keep a home for their dear children….who is listening…truly…who has the fortitude and guts to make some positive changes to a broken system…that is becoming much more broken….the results are broken people….and broken mothers and broken children….the players have no guilt….as does the family courts around the country….they are demented cottage industry of tears and pain and misery…..

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