Brian and Stellar interview acclaimed New Age musician Steven Halpern

A prolific New Age recording artist for over 35 years, Steven Halpern shares his unique way of creating healing melodies with Brian Collins and Stellar Fairbairn.

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Welcome to Steven Halpern’s Inner Peace Music!

Steven Halpern
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Halpern played trumpet and guitar in the New York City jazz scene of the 1960s, but became disenchanted with it and moved to California. There he began exploring the idea of creating music entirely for the purpose of relaxation, which he called “anti-frantic alternative” music. He began creating music which did not adhere to traditional Western tonality, but which instead consisted of static, minimalist pieces for electric piano inspired by Eastern music. He is a proponent of theories which emphasize the healing properties of music.

Since his first record of new age music was released in 1975, he has recorded more than 50 albums. The most commercially successful of these was 2000’s Deja-Blues, which reached #18 on the U.S. Billboard Top New Age Albums chart. He is also the author of two books: “Tuning the Human Instrument” and “Sound Health.”

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