The Sulfur Gang issue their health report for Aug. 27, 2012

In today’s show, Patrick McGean, Doc Stump, and John Panigutti analyze circumcision and question why polycythemia patients tend to rely on allopathic medicine.

Richard L. “Doc” Stump (ph: 765-288-8767) is a retired physician who practiced medicine in Indiana. John Panigutti (ph: 203-615-0069) is the Director of the Cellular Matrix Study in New England.

Patrick McGean has served as Director of the Live Blood and Cellular Matrix Study since 1991. Using data from his worldwide study, he has documented how sulfur deficiency that is endemic in our society is directly connected with chronic illness and disease. Further information about McGean’s background can be found on the website under the The Live Blood and Cellular Matrix Study heading.

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American Academy of Pediatrics boosts health benefits of circumcision
By Sue Hubbard, M.D.
The Kid’s Doctor
Aug. 27, 2012

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Polycythemia (also known as polycythaemia or erythrocytosis) is a disease state in which the proportion of blood volume that is occupied by red blood cells increases. Blood volume proportions can be measured as hematocrit level.

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Editor-in-Chief Frank Shallenberger MD, has been practicing medicine for over 35 years. He is licensed in both conventional and alternative medicine.

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