Munich shooting – live updates
July 22, 2016

Police have issued a cautious all-clear after a shooting at a shopping center in Munich. Nine people are dead, one a suspect. For several hours, the Bavarian capital was put into lockdown.

What we know so far:

• Police issue “cautious all-clear,” saying a dead body found near the attack’s scene appears to be the shooter. They think he may have acted alone. Initially, police were hunting up to three suspects.
• Eight people have so far been confirmed killed in the shooting at the Olympia shopping center in the north of Munich. The attack took place shortly before 6 p.m. local time.
• Public transport in and around the city was suspended for several hours but restarted early on Saturday morning. Locals were ordered to stay indoors by police, who declared an acute terror threat.
• At least 10 people were also injured, with Munich hospitals calling in extra staff to respond.
• The attacker or attackers’ identities remain unclear.

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