Shouldn’t the health of a Presidential candidate be a public concern?

Is it normal for a Presidential candidate to be accompanied by an unidentified man carrying what appears to be some type of injector pen or syringe? Is the syringe being used to dispense prescribed medicine to deal with sudden seizures, blackouts, and memory loss incidents that Hillary Clinton seems to be having on a recurring basis at her public speaking events?

Controversy surrounds a leaked medical record that allegedly reveals that Mrs. Clinton was diagnosed with complex partial seizures and subcortical vascular dementia by one of her physicians, Dr. Lisa R. Bardack. Many dismiss the report as being untrue.

Hillary Clinton’s Leaked Medical Records, Fact or Fiction? Alleged “Statement of Health issued in July 2015″
By Charisse Van Horn
Global Research, August 15, 2016

While Mrs. Clinton is in favor of government control over the public healthcare system, take a look at the video below to determine for yourself whether she has lost control of her head, neck, and vital brain functions.

Hillary Jabbed With SEIZURE Drug? Dementia Fits Treated by Mystery Man With Syringe?
YouTube uploaded by “Barry Soetero”
Aug 10, 2016



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