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Rayelan's Hour for Mar. 11, 2010

Rayelan analyzes breaking news, including confirmation from a NASA whistleblower that the most intense solar storm in 52 years may impact the earth this year.

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Learn more about earth changes, El Niño, and Edgar Cayce's work from Michael Mandeville

Listener feedback to Michael Mandeville’s guest appearance on Feb. 2 was so high that we invited him back to expand on our previous discussion. Don’t miss this interview!

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Sheldan Nidle discusses the remaking of the global monetary system and more!

Sheldan Nidle shares news about Earth changes, ET disclosure, the imminent collapse of the fiat money system, and humanity’s reconnection with its True nature.

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Michael Mandeville talks about Earth Changes and more!

Michael Mandeville’s ability to analyze Earth changes stems from his scientific background and passionate interest in political, economic, and spiritual affairs.

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Sheldan Nidle says we are getting closer to becoming one with our ET brethren

Don’t get discouraged by earth changes! The tide is turning in a positive way, according to Sheldan Nidle, founder of the Planetary Activation Organization.

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