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Joe McNeil tells listeners how his health has improved from using the Energy Cleaner

Listeners like D.J. share feedback about Lee Crock’s Energy Cleaner with our host, Rayelan Allan, and her special guest, MicroEffect station owner Joe McNeil.

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Tom Berryhill showcases Lee Crock's Energy Cleaner that helps the body heal naturally

Do you suffer from chronic pain? If so, tune in to learn how you can recover using a battery-powered system called the Energy Cleaner that detoxifies the body.

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Victims of covert harassment and surveillance tell their story to Joe McNeil

Three Canadians named Debbie, Carmen, and Kim tell Joe McNeil about their experiences of being tracked and harassed electronically without their consent.

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Joe McNeil discusses issues affecting alternative news outlets & microbroadcasters

MicroEffect owner Joe McNeil invites callers to comment about the way that mainstream media controls dissemination of breaking news such as the Waco massacre.

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Joe McNeil takes listener calls to discuss current topics of the day

Giving Rayelan the day off so she can pick up her RV for her move, MicroEffect owner Joe McNeil gives his perspective of what’s going on in our world today.

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