Tom Berryhill showcases Lee Crock's Energy Cleaner that helps the body heal naturally

Do you suffer from chronic pain? If so, tune in to learn how you can recover using a battery-powered system called the Energy Cleaner that detoxifies the body.

The Energy Cleaner is a healing machine that was originally invented by Lee Crock of Caldwell, Ohio. The Energy Cleaner generates a DC electrostatic field that enables damaged body cells to function normally by expelling toxins and bringing in fresh nutrients from the blood stream. The output signal changes polarity every three minutes in order to coincide with a full charge-discharge cycle that occurs at the cellular level. Powered by nine D-size flashlight batteries, the Energy Cleaner is perfectly safe to use in the bathtub since it’s not plugged into an electrical wall outlet.

Thousands of these units are in use worldwide, including many who previously suffered from degenerative disease and back pain. During today’s broadcast, MicroEffect station owner Joe McNeil offers his personal testimonial about how he’s benefited from using the Energy Cleaner.

Until the end of 2010, RMN readers and listeners in the United States can purchase the Energy Cleaner for the special introductory price of $275, while International orders (including Canada) will be assessed an additional shipping fee. On Jan. 1, the sales price increases to $350. The sidebar includes a Chipin button where you can use your credit card or PayPal account to place an order. Click here if you would like to contact Tom Berryhill by email.

With Obamacare looming on the horizon, a machine like this might be a wise investment that enables you to avoid any major problems and limitations of the government health care plan.


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2 Responses to Tom Berryhill showcases Lee Crock's Energy Cleaner that helps the body heal naturally

  1. Paul Kleim

    Hello,I have an older unit a friend has given me on loan. I
    need the electrostatic field material that makes the unit work. I
    understand that it is a copper mesch that is un-rold and you lie on
    it. In time it will help heal the body. My brother has lung cancer
    and my dog as well on his leg. Can you send some instructions as to
    the proper use for the most affect as well as an outlet to find the
    electrostatic field material. Many, Many thanks PK

  2. Paul, have you tried emailing Tom Berryhill regarding your question? He would be the best person to ask.

    Click here to contact Tom Berryhill by email.

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