David Wilcock discusses Edgar Cayce and the 2012 end date

David Wilcock discusses his personal connection with Edgar Cayce and the global shifts in Consciousness that tie in with the prophecies about the year 2012.

Is Edgar Cayce Back in a Body and Explaining Ascension?
By Wynn Free
Published by PS-Magazine.com
Aug. 19, 2005, 08:25

I am the principal author of the book, “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?” I began writing the book in 2000 and was incredulous as to the significance of what was occurring for David Wilcock, who is the purported reincarnation of Cayce.

Although there is no scientific criteria in place to prove a case of reincarnation, the circumstances of Wilcock’s life have linked him to Cayce with a huge body of circumstantial evidence, including prognosticating and channelling ability, extremely similar resemblance, and corresponding astrological charts (born on the one day of 127 years where all the personal planets are in the same signs). Wilcock’s source even guided him to relocate to Virginia Beach (the location of the Edgar Cayce Institute) in 1998 so he could fulfill Cayce’s prophecy.

But the story of the Wilcock/Cayce connection, amazing as it is, is far overshadowed by the import of the story which Wilcock is bringing forth in present time. Wilcock’s source and by association, Cayce’s, has identified itself as a group soul of millions who once had bodies like ours on Venus. They have explained their role as an oversoul for our planet and are making themselves available to assist humankind in what they call a dimensional shift. This dimensional shift is part of a pattern which has been programmed into the evolutionary timeline of our planet and connects very directly with the Mayan calendar end date of 2012 and the ascension prophecies of Jesus.

Published by PS-Magazine.com
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