Glenn Canady has a plan to wake up the people of this planet – NOW!

Glenn Canady worked as an engineer for a defense contractor in the 1990s. He created “Project Wake Up the Planet” as a tool to expose the lies of mainstream media and the government and spread truth via social networks like MySpace and Facebook.

In January 2010, Glenn Canady began to publish an alternative news website called Project Nsearch that provides background information about the New World Order. Project Nsearch members receive his ebook called “Suppressed Health Secrets” that includes a list of natural cures for many diseases, including cancer.

Canady last appeared on the radio show on June 15 to discuss UFOs, government cover-ups, and suppressed health secrets. By registering on his Wake Up The Planet website and aggressively promoting the program to others, members become eligible to win prizes at year-end. View the YouTube video below to learn more.

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