Approaching the holidays, the Corexit nightmare continues in the Gulf, per Denise Rednour

Increasing numbers of Gulf residents are sick. Many are jobless and growing weaker. Providing care for families, friends, and pets is fraught with challenges. Meanwhile, most of mainstream media remains silent about their plight.

Denise Rednour is our local contact in the Mississippi Gulf region who has provided hands-on reports about the oil spill disaster on several broadcasts. During today’s interview, she shares the latest news with host Dr. Robin Falkov and connects with recent guest Richard Gallemore about his line of non-toxic skincare products that he markets through his firm, Aeon Botanica.

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Denise’s Dreams

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  1. Posted on George Ure’s on Dec. 28, 2010:

    Trouble of Florida
    Have this interesting reader report – an ‘eyes on’ it report that I’m sure someone could debunk. but try these observations on for size…

    “Just returned last week from visiting my former home of 30+ yrs – the NW FL coast along the Gulf of Mexico, where I was a news director, business owner, and retired after 20 years as a SpecOps flyer. I visited the waterfront three times at three different locations – the results were always the same. No life was visible in the clear waters along the shoreline or even looking down into the waters from piers. No baitfish, no medium or larger fish, no crabs, no live seaweed or other water plants. I saw no shorebirds (sandpipers, etc), one pelican, two heron, and only a handful of gulls. Weather was not a factor (sunny and 60’s & 70’s), nor was water temperature, as the life I found missing is normally present year-round. Also of interest – I only counted the tracks of two raccoons; seems even those garbage guts have disappeared in large numbers. A curious coincidence? Doubtful – much as another coincidence of alot of US Navy P-3 flights reported over the northern Gulf of late, along w/the closure of 4200+ square miles of prime fishing waters in the northern Gulf. BTW – the P-3, while a popular anti-submarine warfare and SIGINT platform, is also prized by the US Forestry Service for it’s ability to dump and spray fire retardant and other chemicals on burning forest fires. And did I mention the near-no-notice FEMA conference held quietly in Ft Walton Beach two weeks before Christmas? While no mention of the conference can be found on FEMA’s website, hotel staff at [named hotel] confirmed the FEMA conference took place, altho details were unknown. I’ll let you & your readers do the math.
    – A Concerned Observer”

  2. (YouTube) Kindra Arnesen’s new revelations about the Gulf oil disaster:

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