Cara Fay and Jason Verbelli offer uplifting news about their latest humanitarian projects

Award-winner filmmaker Cara Fay and inventor/researcher Jason Verbelli are living proof that the Human Spirit is alive and well and no problem is insurmountable.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
– quotation from either Albert Einstein or Benjamin Franklin.

The Gulf Coast oil spill of 2010 ranks as one of the worst man-made ecological disasters in modern history. Sitting around and bemoaning about the loss of life and property damage takes little effort and won’t change a thing. Overcoming naysayers who believe there’s no hope requires the willingness to risk and tackle problems from a new perspective.

Cara Fay, who last appeared on the radio show on Oct. 22, is actively engaged in humanitarian projects to expose the truth of what’s really going on, and to assist in healing our planet by promoting the use of alternative technologies, such as in the field of health, energy, and spiritual development.

Youthful, opened-minded, intelligent, and courageous, Jason Verbelli is rapidly building a core group of Facebook and YouTube supporters of his amazing ideas and collaborative inventions that capitalize on the previous theories and works of such notables as Walter Russell, Nikola Tesla, and John Searl, a past guest on the radio show.

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