If you believe your votes will reform our present system, better listen to Ed Corsi

There are lots of bullies on the block who are intent on taking away your rights. They don’t respect you. Stand tall, just say NO, and get others to support you.

Ed Corsi is the founder of the grassroots activist group in NE Ohio called the Geauga Constitutional Council. On today’s show, Corsi offers a clear distinction between statutes, which rob us of our freedoms, and constitutional laws.

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A statute is a formal written enactment of a legislative authority that governs a state, city, or county. Typically, statutes command or prohibit something, or declare policy. Ideally all statutes must be in harmony with the fundamental law of the land (constitutional).

New Mexico Law and Local Sheriff Trump the Feds
Tenth Amendment Center
Written by: Cassandra Anderson
Nov. 2011
New Mexico just proved that State law trumps unconstitutional federal regulations and that the power of the sheriff is superior over federal agencies. This is the power of the Tenth Amendment!

The Eagle Eyes of Ed Corsi
Ed Corsi: The Man, The Legend
Both articles posted by: Scott Weber
Burton Blog
Apr. 25, 2010

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